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Today’s episode: ChatGPT creates a digital transformation strategy for a pharmacy company - you’ll never guess what happens next! - I use ChatGPT to remove the toil of endless meetings for the annual planning goat rodeo. Plus, my daughter’s favorite kid joke. Read and subscribe!

ChatGPT answers your questions about the new unlimited PTO policy - a FAQ

Another example from my playing around with a new talk idea. Here, I ask ChatGPT to write a FAQ for a new unlimited PTO policy. See more commentary on this in my newsletter today. You’d need to polish this up into one email, of course, e.g., move the citations list down to the final one. Prompt We have introduced unlimited PTO in my organization. What are five questions about it I should anticipate from employees?

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ChatGPT Makes the Case for Pair Programming

This is from working on a talk of mine about using ChatGPT to reduce bureaucratic toil It is written by ChatGPT, not me. The setup is: write me an email arguing that we should do paired programming. I fed it a couple things as you’ll see to pull numbers from. I didn’t fact check it. Prompt Prompt I gave ChatGPT (along with follow-up prompt to refine first drafts): Write a 500 word email in favor of changing our software development process to use pair programming.

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