Re-thinking tech debt, an interview with Laura Tacho

The discussion below was fun: we starting talking about alignment ambiguity in Dungeons and Dragons, then went to the role of tech debt in large organizations, and threw in some “this meeting could have been an email” like thinking at the end. Check it out!


  • I’m super busy right now. I’ve got a lot of stuff to not be doing.

  • Alternate: I’ve got stuff to not be doing, I’m kind of busy right now.

  • “To be thin-skinned is to feel keenly, to perceive things that might go unseen, unnoticed, that others might prefer not to notice.” Here.

  • “‘extracting’ cost synergies”

  • For me, showing up early means showing up just in time.

  • “he started from the typical open source ethos only to go down the roller coaster of VC fun only to end up in yet another corporate hairball” Here.

  • Things I don’t have to do: “eat breakfast food at breakfast” Here.

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We’re all off to The Big Break of the year: the holidays of December and January. We’ll be back in Texas for a few weeks, seeing family and friends there, of course. But also endless Tex-Mex, BBQ, steak, and American food. It’s been a little over five years since we’ve lived in the Netherlands. Going back is always a little weirder each time with new things, new events and politics that I haven’t experienced first hand, people getting older, and so forth. But, really, not that weird. More delightful in that they’re new things to experience.,, @cote,,