Books I’ve written:

  • Changing Mindsets (O’Reilly) – this book goes over what it means to think in terms of products instead of projects, how to motivate people to change the way they work, and how managers can shift their mindset regarding their daily tasks, goals, and staff.
  • The Business Bottleneck (O’Reilly) – once IT becomes agile and all DevOps-y, the bottleneck moves outside of IT to The Business. This book goes over some things the business side should do to break that bottleneck and get on to creating software-driven business models.
  • Monolithic Transformation (O’Reilly) collects together the stories and successful tactics large organizations are using to get better at software. You can get it free from Pivotal, and it’s also in Safari.
  • Digital WTF – a collection of my columns on DevOps, agile, and digital transformation from The Register. Also, some other tech industry pieces of mine.
  • JaaS in Action – a very old (2005) book I wrote about the Java Authentication and Authorization Service.

Also, here’s my author’s page on Goodreads.,, @cote