American Christmas

Only In American

  • Still warm tortillas.

  • Adults wearing joke t-shirts.

  • Yoga pants.

  • Free packets of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

  • Ice with every drink.

  • 75 mph.

  • Stern TSA.

  • Little plastic shopping bags.

  • No GDPR pop-ups.

  • 20% tips before checkout.

  • Donuts.

  • Right turn on red.

  • Ice machine in fridge.

  • Very big bowls.

  • Eggs in the fridge

  • California wine.

  • Closed blinds.

  • Toilet next to bathtub/shower combo.

  • Formal dining room.

  • Formal living room.

  • The soothing hum of lawnmowers in the distance.

  • Strawberries as big as oranges, oranges as big as grapefruits, grapefruits as big as infant’s heads.

  • Cucumbers.

  • Football.

  • Door knobs.

  • Exhausted from walking around the mall.

  • Chili’s.

  • F150.

Resistance to change

Here’s another article from Bryan in his 11 part series on hurdles to changing software culture in big organizations.

What makes his pieces extra great is that he’s not just some PowerPointing bozo like me: he actually did all this stuff in large organizations, last at Sky UK.

Read it!

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