How to play Solo D&D with ChatGPT...three months later

I've played solo D&D with ChatGPT for three months. It's not that great at the pure mechanics (for example, combat), but it has some great uses. This video is a little screwed up, but the audio is fine, and the content is even better...if I don't say so myself!

Relative to your interests

Coincidently for me, there’s been a few things on remote work versus return to office.

  • ‘Return to Office’ declared dead - “Unless the goal of return to the office mandates is actually to drive workers to quit in order to avoid layoffs and severance pay – as has been alleged in some cases – it’s hard to see why corporate managers would reject remote work when that brings greater access to talent, reduced turnover, lower property cost obligations, and greater productivity.”

  • Is an ‘employee experience winter’ coming? - "One reason, Gownder said, is that the labor market isn’t as tight anymore. “Oftentimes employers will invest in employee experience when there’s a lot of attrition or things are going poorly on the employee front and they can’t keep talent,” he said, as was the case during the Great Resignation. That’s not the case anymore. When companies “aren’t so desperate to keep people, often they take their foot off the accelerator” when it comes to talent. // Also, the start of a slow y/y drop in DEI programs and spend. // Management will soon be shocked - shocked! - with the results: “When you disinvest in employee experience, and you go back to cost cutting and treating people as merely resources rather than valued partners, your organization will see engagement go down, and therefore other things go down as well.”


  • I’m pretty sure they named this show PJ Masks to fuck with parents. “Dad, I want to watch PJ Masks.” “OK…I just searched for PJ Max and it doesn’t show up.” “No, dad, PJ MASKS!” “Uh, OK let me try again…nope…no PJ MAX.”

  • Every year someone writes the “we need to tie this function closer to actual revenue generation” think piece. Then come February, you’re like “wow, funnel attribution is hard.” March: “why don’t sales people update Salesforce more?” And then you mostly go back to what you were doing last October.

  • Can’t talk now; too busy tryin' #BeTheSkyNotTheWeather.

  • “Idiot Plot Syndrome is the necessity for a character to be an idiot for the plot to make sense. You know: all those people in thrillers being chased by unknown assailants who split up to be picked off one by one instead of sticking together, or who don’t answer the phone or read the text from the person with vital information, or the character in the horror novel blithely traipsing down the basement steps into the dark…” Nicola Griffith.

  • “Such a thing is compelling not because it offers answers in the form of text, but because it makes it possible to play text–all the text, almost–like an instrument.” Here.

  • “Cyber-something.” Here.

  • “Current-thing-ism.” Ben Thompson on Sharp Tech, Nov 30th, 2023z

  • Are regulations that drive enterprise to NOT use public cloud legit? When where they made (of years ago, probably not)? And what are the technical reasons they exist? I can understand sovereign stuff (wanting to keep the jurisdiction in your country where you know the laws - or another, where the laws [it’s always taxes and privacy, right?] are more favorable to your profits), but everything else law seems weird. Don’t we trust payment processing (credit cards) to be not on-premises…and email, collaboration?


I’ve been in the mode this week of: “when the muse comes to call, you better do the work, cause she sure as shit has stopped accepting my invites.” That’s meant a lot of videos which are, you know, actually really fun to make when the muse makes her magic. I have five or six ready to edit and post, and about four that are out already. I think I’ll trickle those videos out here, I dunno.

Here’s a series I’m working on: The Business Bullshit Dictionary. I’ve got some ready to edit on: synergies, optimize, strategic options, executize. Thanks for people who’ve suggested topics already!

My posts have slowed down here, recently. If you want things more frequently, may suggest Mastodon, LinkedIn (hey, I know: but for me, after all these years [like 10, 15?] and the part of the world I work in, LinkedIn works for me), and YouTube? I lost things first in those places. Or, you can do what I'd probably do: just wait.,, @cote,,