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Can you ever go back to just writing code? We discuss. With the launch of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, we discuss how it relates to other foundations and cloud-land in general. We also talk about who's not in the open cloud club, like Digital Ocean, and how things might pan out for them. And, of course, a little bit of OpenStack.

DevOps Mumbo Jumbo & Zombies - thwackCamp panel

A few weeks back I was on a panel for a Solarwinds conference (done all online, in Solarwinds style, of course). Check out the recording a above (or just a 1 minute excerpt if you don't have time). There's also an article covering the discussion.

For some reason we started talking a lot about QA, which was odd, but turned out to be interesting. The audience for this was made up of Solarwinds custoners who are not exactly the types in charge of managing custom written software (my primary criteria for "should you care about DevOps), but from the live-chat there were some...and a pretty broad interest in the topic, in addition to complaining about Windows patching and n00bz users. You know, real sysadmin stuff.

Matching journalism to the medium

I like this because it's true of "marketing," which still tends to operate under the constraints of long cycle time and constrained "space":

But there is so much potential! Length no longer matters — it's as cheap to publish 100,000 words as 100. Digital text can be continually updated, so it's no longer necessary to write a new article every time there's a small change to a story. Digital stories can be interactive — readers can enter their information, and the story can change to reflect their circumstances. It's really exciting stuff, and we are just beginning to figure out how to take advantage of it.

From Is the media becoming a wire service.

Coté Memo #074: "Let's start an anonymous club."

It's mostly links this week, with a big add video ad for my pal below:

Get your lurn on

Do you want to bone up on your product management skills? Check out this two day workshop from Craftman PM. I used to work with Prabhakar and he's anything but boring when it comes to opinions around product. Check out more details, and if you use the code COTE when registering, you'll get $250 off!

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It's our 10th wedding anniversary (yay us!) so we're treating ourselves to a little downtown Austin fun. We'll be checking out the newish W down there. I'll report back if it's zaney. They got vinyl in the bar, man.

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This is my new favorite song. I listen the rest of 'em on repeat all the time now-a-days.