I love making and listening to podcasts. There are several I do actively each week, and many “retired” podcasts:

Software Defined Talk

A weekly podcast with Matt Ray, Brandon Whichard, and myself about doings in the infrastructure layer of the tech world. See past episodes.

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Pivotal Conversations

Richard Seroter and me talk about recent news in the cloud native world and discuss topics around organizations transforming to cloud.

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Coté Show/Lords of Computing

Beyond the world of Apple, startups, and unicorns there’s a whole world of technology used by all the donkeys out there in organizations. That’s where I’ve always had my head stuck and this podcast is my “crank file” of content that didn’t fit in the other podcasts I do.

See past episodes.

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Older podcasts

Over the years I’ve done many podcast series:

One thought on “Podcasts

  1. Hey, Coté.

    Love your stuff.

    Do you happen to have another source for the RedMonk Radio podcasts? The links seems to be dead. For example, I was trying to listen to:

    RedMonk Radio Episode 48

    which used to be at:

    [audio src="http://media.libsyn.com/media/redmonk/redmonk48.mp3" /]

    Sincere thanks,


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