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🔗 Continuous Discovery Habits with Teresa Torres - ‘“Before the internet, waterfall and business stakeholders deciding what to build worked just fine,” she says. “It worked because you didn’t have to build the best product. You had to get on store shelves and have a better position than your competitor, right? So the biggest differentiator was distribution. It wasn’t the quality of your product.” Torres says the internet evened the playing field for distribution, and product quality became much more important. Greater access to information also gave consumers more power over their choices, and it became harder to force bad solutions on people who knew full well there were better alternatives.’

🔗 Apple Podcast algorithms - “I notice these things because it’s shocking how quickly some networks push you down a hard right wing path, YouTube most famously of all, but I also see it when logged out of TikTok completely.” I don’t know. In many elections, the vote is 50%/50%. That would indicate that you have a coin’s flip chance of matching content desired. Or something else.

🔗 - “I’ve just opened the doors on a new project I’ve been working on,, a collection of hundreds of blogs, to help people find good blogs that interest them.”

🔗 Why journalists are so desperate to find a Twitter alternative - “That’s because Twitter has served, for more than a decade, as the de-facto platform on which journalists built their own personal followings outside their places of employment. While mainstream media outlets have historically been reluctant to help grow their reporters’ personal brands, many have acquiesced to allow Twitter handles to appear in bylines and author bios. Twitter has operated as the primary venue for writers to take their audiences with them as they move from job to job.” Well, all of us in an external facing, personality-driven line of work.,, @cote