Dan Vega - Spring Developer Advocate, YouTuber and Lifelong Learner - Dan and DaShaun are great devrel people, and they’ve built a great corner of the Spring community, in just a year!

Boomi Dismembers TIBCO Through Acquisitions - “TIBCO’s mistake was cobbling together a bunch of unrelated products and not investing in a cohesive user experience. I’ve called it the ‘TIBCO Frankenstein’ to my clients. TIBCO needed to build a unified user experience across its integration products. But with the sale of Mashery, it appears that ship has sailed."

About my studio - Working from home, artist edition. (1) no commute saves time and means booting up into work is faster and frequent: “there is also an advantage to not having a separate studio outside your home. When I did rent a studio in the past it meant that all my artwork in progress was elsewhere, and that required overcoming inertia to make myself go to my studio. When the artwork is right next to me then it’s simple to do a few minutes extra work on it – correcting a mistake or enhancing a part of the image – without needing to trek to the studio.” (2) you think about work more frequently, a good version of living rent free in your mind…work lives rent free in your house? “And having my work-in-progress continuously visible out of the corner of my eye while I’m decompressing from my day job – streaming a film, reading a book, browsing the web – means that I unconsciously reflect on it during my downtime, allowing flashes of lateral insight to spark in my head while I’m actually concentrating on something else.” // These more apply to solitary synchronized, creative endeavors. When it comes to synchronized collaborative management (“meetings”), maybe not so much.

UHF in UHD: Weird Al’s cult classic movie will get its first 4K release - “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a spatula.'” // this movie, and the VHS of Pee Wee Herman’s stage show are probably the basis of my humor, at first. Many summers watching stand-up and Doctor Katz on the Comedy Channel came later, but we’re probably equally defining. And, of course, the Phil Hartman era of SNL and the occasional Letterman when I stayed up that late.

The Ultimate Guide to building Developer Tool Websites - PLG for developers. Get them home pages set-up for the funnel!

Automation and the Jevons paradox - Always good to bring in Jevon’s Paradox.

That time when Microsoft bought and killed Nokia phone unit - “Barely two years after it was announced, the whole thing fell apart and Microsoft wrote the whole thing off as a tax loss.” And: “Elop was right, but his solution wasn’t.” // “Disruption” is an easy word to say, but a very difficult one to solve. // And a D&D reference! “The Nokia board rolled the dice again on hiring another non-Suomi manager, Rajeev Suri, and this time hit a double D20 in D&D terms.” (Though, I’ve never heard of a “double d20,” but, sure, probably.)

Volo’s Culinary Guide to Icewind Dale - We talk a lot about the downside of the Internet, the web, whatever. But the existence of this as a widely available thing is an example of why the Internet is great. I mean: when would this ever exist otherwise except as some obscure zine on a magazine rack at rundown university coffee shop?

Generated images for non-generated text and video - ‘It’s only a matter of time until “generative art = spammy bullshit” will be the majority position because that’s how the economics of it are playing out. Using extruded synthetic art will not do your writing or video any favours in the long run.’ // I mean, yes, and…the idea is that in the future, the AI generated images will be so good that you won’t be able to tell. But, that is just an ideas.

Java 17 is now the favorite brew of developers, along with - “About a tenth (9 percent) of applications were using Java 17 in production in 2023, and now 35 percent of applications are using Java 17, representing a nearly 300 percent growth rate in one year. It took years for Java 11 to reach anywhere near that level.” And: “While Oracle retained the top spot in 2022 (34 percent), it slipped to 29 percent in 2023, and it’s now at 21 percent – which represents a 28 percent decrease in one year.” // Sure, but what matters more is: is Oracle making more money off Java or less?,, @cote,,