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Travel, Winter loop

I am in Vienna on a long weekend vacation with Kim. I picked this city to see the 12 Bruegels, so I thought I’d take a buffet-read at one of my favorite books, Short Life in a Strange World. Here, a passing montage of travel: For the next four days, we will mostly move in international space: trains, stations, hotels, galleries and museums, escalators and lifts, restaurants, bars–places where everyone is welcome, or anyway invisible, if they have a little money.

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The Toby Ferris Worldview

Perhaps that is what these paintings are: the slow-decaying trace of a performance carried out in the mid-sixteenth century: the ghostly flicker of Bruegel’s hand dancing six inches above the panel we now look at. No code, no message, no useful information. Just a mysterious relic of a life lived in some other place, some other time. — Short Life in a Strange World: Birth to Death in 42 Panels by Toby Ferris

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