"Right Now, It's Like This"

Enterprise AI in Healthcare

Here’s my interview with my co-worker, JT Perry, on actual uses (current and possible) for AI in healthcare. It’s good! Watch it all:

There’s a podcast version if you prefer audio only.


  • “a PR-driven concept exploring how Sony will ‘seamlessly connect multi-layered worlds where physical and virtual realities overlap to deliver limitless Kanto–through creativity and technology–working with creators.’” Here.

  • “I don’t do anything. I’m just the center of a rat king of chaos.” ROtL.

  • And: “I’ve eliminated everything but: Wallet, keys, phone.”

  • “All those movies I wasn’t allowed to see but I read parodies of them.” On Mad Magazine.

  • “the productive uses are marketed under their application rather than their mechanism” Here.

  • “Joan Didion’s dreamers of the golden dream… on a double date, Ken downed a beer to show her he could piss farther than his friend.” California-style.

  • Success dysmorphia.

  • After some practice, if you know you’re doing the thing, you can make yourself do the thing without knowing you’re doing the thing.

  • “Malicious compliance” - It’s a thing.

  • “what’s that font, boss?”

  • dongle hell - legacy of the VP of Cables.

  • “Right Now, It's Like This.”

  • “Three civil brawls bred of an airy word”

Relative to your interests

  • Excuse the navel-gazing - “TikTok heavily favors videos edited inside their app. YouTube is mainly a thumbnails game. And who knows what Instagram wants.”

  • The AI Trust Fall - Even though humans are more error prone than computers, we trust the work of humans more…perhaps because we understand their errors much better and how to debug them. You know, because we’re humans ourself. In contrast, with AI’s, we have no idea what’s going on nor how to fix errors. This feels like some mystic, Talebian wisdom like the benefits of getting Fat Tony to eat more humus and drink more wine for long life.

  • JPMorgan ramps up prompt engineering training, AI projects - AI to replace executive jobs: “Another AI tool allows employees to query a model meant to respond as Michael Cembalest, current chairman of market and investment strategy within the asset management division.” // With the insane comp. that executives get, maybe AI would be a lot cheaper!

  • Training is not the same as chatting: ChatGPT and other LLMs don’t remember everything you say - “Every time you start a new chat conversation, you clear the slate. Each conversation is an entirely new sequence, carried out entirely independently of previous conversations from both yourself and other users.”

  • Huge Google Search document leak reveals inner workings of ranking algorithm - Reverse engineering Google search ranking based on method calls from leaked code.

  • Interview - WSO2 CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana on being acquired by major investor - “In the last financial year [CY2023?], WSO2 achieved revenues of $100 million”

  • Survey reveals generative AI employee fear - Lots of hopes and dream, not enough projects and experiments: “IBM’s research found that less than half of organisations are focused on GenAI pilots – and another 24% are doing nothing at all. But almost half (49%) of the CEOs polled expect to use GenAI to drive growth by 2026. According to IBM, this is very ambitious, as only purposeful transformation will make it possible.” // You could say this is falling behind or bad, on the other hand, I doubt most of them have solid ideas of what exactly to do with AI beyond better search and intern-level analysis, that is: “what problem are we trying to solve?”

Cloud Native Platform Tales: JP Morgan Chase and Comcast

Great panel below from CF Day US. You can hear from some long-time platform people, here, using Cloud Foundry:


I haven’t mentioned books I’ve been reading for a long time. That’s because I haven’t been reading much! I have all the boring-but-real excuses.

Right now:

  • I’m almost done with The Crystal Shard. I read this long ago, and I’ve long forgotten it. Since I’ve been playing Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, I figured I’d visit it again. It’s fun to read, but I don’t think I’ll commit to reading the other 32 books in the series. (Side note: I keep thinking, if you work at Wizards (who owns D&D), do you have to read all the books, plus theater D&D seres, taking extensive notes. Rather, if you’re lucky enough to actually wok on D&D as your job, I bet you get to read all of them. SO MUCH LORE.)

  • I just noticed that Viet Thanh Nguyen (The Sympathizer and The Committed - both amazing) has a member out, so I got the Audible of it. It’s read by the author, which is usually great.

  • Alex Williams told me I should read In Emergency, Break Glass, so I bought it haven’t started it yet.

  • Based on a create Conversations with Tyler interview, I started reading Career and Family. I wish I had a physical copy of the book, I think I could take it in much better by looking at the whole page instead of scrolling on the Kindle. (I think that about a lot of books. But, the chance that I’ll have a book at hand versus my phone is so wide. On the other hand, it’s not like I’m reading a lot when it’s just my phone. Something to ponder!)

  • All Fours - I remember liking one of Miranda July’s books, and since the audio version is read by the author, I bought it. I started listening to a little in Atlanta, but, I don’t know: it’s hard for me to casually listen to fiction when my mind is work-mode, even if that’s just driving to a conference. Listening to fiction while I’m commuting around somehow lessons the value of the book to me.

  • The Greatest Capitalist Who Ever Lived - the story of mid-century IBM, via a biography of Thomas Watson Jr.

Conferences, Events, etc.

Talks I’m giving, places I’ll be, and other plans.

SpringOne Tour London, June 5th. DATEV Software Craft Community online, June 6th, speaking. DevOpsDays Amsterdam, June 20th, speaking. NDC Oslo, speaking, June 12th. SpringOne/VMware Explore US, August 26–29, 2024. SREday London 2024, September 19th to 20th.

Discounts. SREDay London (Sep 19th to 20th) when you 20% off with the code SRE20DAY. And, if you register for SpringOne/VMware Explore before June 11th, you’ll get $400 off.

They opened a Patagonia store in Amsterdam this month. Fun stickers. Even better, they’ll do mending on Patagonia stuff free of charge. I’ll have to bring some stuff in!


As you can see, I’ll be in London next week. London is my favorite place, I love it there. There’s lots travel and speaking coming up.

Meanwhile, we’ve got one of those stuffed-head, air-y brain sicknesses going around at home. It got me this afternoon finally. I could manage cutting and pasting the above, but luckily I’d type dit all ‘afore.,, @cote,,