The Digital Transformation Card Game - an interview

This week’s Software Defined Talk podcast episode is an interview I did with Jana Werner. If you’re into software, DevOps, agile, product management…all that “digital transformation” stuff, you’ll like it. We go over a deck of cards she’s put together that are meant to provoke executives and managers to start thinking about they could change to start changing how people work in their organization, you know: culture.

Here’s one fun excerpt:

Check out the rest of the interview, either in the usual podcast form or in the glory of full color video!

Three Takes on IBM Buying HashiCorp

Here’s three good takes on IBM acquiring HashiCorp

  1. Timothy Prickett Morgan - revenue growth slowed down too much.

  2. Fintan - “the level of new customer growth, the wider base for the $100K customer funnel, slowed dramatically once Terraform was relicensed, dropping to a low of a 1.5% quarter on quarter” // not enough converting free to pay.

  3. Adam Jacob - “The primary business issue, I think, lives in two things: the huge amount of value received by users of Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad for $0, and the relatively low ASP they do extract (they do better than Chef or Puppet did!).”

Per Adam’s take, this M&A analysis overlooks the accomplishments: they all built a great company, technologies, community, and whatever else, our whole infrastructure, programming, and cloud community has benefits and will keep benefiting for a long time.

Conferences, Events, etc.

Talks I’m giving, places I’ll be, and other plans.

Atlanta Executive Dinner, May 22nd. DevOpsDays Amsterdam, June 20th, speaking. NDC Oslo, speaking, June 12th. SpringOne, August 26–29, 2024.

This year, I won’t be at Cloud Foundry Day (May 15th in NYC), but if you’re going you can get 20% off with the code CFNA24VMW20.

🪵 Logoff

It’s school holiday next week, so no promises on the newsletter episodes. I’m reminded of another American expat who wrote in their newsletter along the lines of "I don’t know how anyone gets work done around here…but see you in a week!” Rest-assured you vacation-hating Americans, though, we have short summers.,, @cote,,