DevOps used to manage 35% of enterprise app portfolios, 60% of testing activities are not automated

Container, DevOps, and Generative AI for Testing Usage

My work sponsored an IDC paper going over ways to use generative AI (and ML) at various stages of software development (the “Application Development and Product Life-Cycle Management”). There’s some interesting ideas in there, you should check them out.

As always, I like to collect the numbers from surveys and estimates. There’s some good ones in there! Here they are:

  • 26% of organizations are using GenAI to support application development, testing, and management and 25% are utilizing machine learning with the greatest focus on leveraging AI to support DevOps analytics and process, governance, and security testing”

  • 32% of application portfolios are built on containers and microservices today and, in five years [2028?], enterprises estimate that 39% of their portfolios will be built on containers and microservices” // I’m always after how many apps/workloads are running in Kubernetes. This is a new one! IDC’s numbers here don’t tell you which are running in production versus just in dev/test, but, whatever. Also, it’s “containers and microservices,” not just containers. // These are different estimates than a recent Gartner one: “By 2027, 25% of all enterprise applications will run in containers, an increase from fewer than 10% in 2021.”1 But, given that IDC’s is containers and microservices, maybe if you throw out microservices that are not running in containers, the IDC and Gartner numbers would be closer. I think the beers after work estimate, then, is something like: I don’t know, I’d guess companies are running something like 10% to 20% of their apps in Kubernetes? 20% seems, high - I mean, I just read the other day that 71% of developers don’t automate their builds and testing, right? So, who knows what’s going in enterprises. Anyway…want another beer?”

  • [E]nterprises are using DevOps methodologies to manage roughly 35% of their application portfolio today, with the anticipation of using DevOps to manage more than 47% of their portfolios in five years” // This seems like a better estimate than the headline one in the CD Foundation survey I looked at yesterday, which was (I don’t know the surveying name for this) synthetic conclusion based on the tools and practices people use, not the saying “we do the DevOps.” // Also, they’ll be spreading to 10% more of there portfolio over five years, to just under 50% of their portfolio under management. Change takes a long time! If we put the invention of DevOps as “[a]round 2007 and 2008,” we’re 16 to 17 years into DevOps and creeping towards 40% adoption. Probably fine, actually. It also shows you why we’re still talking about DevOps all these years later, and why there’s big windows for DevOps remixes like platform engineering.

  • [O]rganizations estimate that nearly 40% of their testing activities are automated, with ambitions to make almost 50% of testing activities automated in three years.” Now, this one feels bonkers. Who doesn’t automate their tests? Who doesn’t see the value in automating their tests? Well, could be that the someone in their team (or their org.) is automating tests and not the person answering “no” to this question. In my CD Foundation survey overview yesterday, I didn’t highlight the practices people said they used. “Test automation/management” use in the last 12 months was at 22%! So…I guess we’re to conclude that universal test automation is not universal. Bit of a WTF? there.

Above from “Applying Artificial Intelligence to Strengthen Application Development and Product Life-Cycle Management,” Pete Marston, IDC, November 2023.

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This from a Gartner report that Tanzu sponsored at some point, but no longer. There’s a newer version of the report out (I think it’s newer), but I haven’t read it.,, @cote,,