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Lots of original content this week, starting with this prediction about “enterprise AI”:

I also made these since last episode:

Relative to yours interests

  • IT departments are blowing their cloud budgets - “Nearly three in four (72%) of the IT decision-makers polled reported that their company exceeded its set cloud budget in the most recent fiscal year. Among the areas experiencing an acceleration of cloud deployments are: applications/workloads in IT operations (54%); hybrid work (50%); software development platforms and tools (45%); and digital experiences (44%).” // vendor-sponsored // has ranking of causes.

  • Kubernetes community capitalizes on open source and AI synergies - Among AI talk, 451’s Kubernetes TAM: $1.46bn in 2023, growing to $2.85bn in 2028.

  • Substack Is Setting Writers Up For A Twitter-Style Implosion – Home With The Armadillo - Seems weird. // “New reporting from The Wrap details how Substack’s decision to implement a new “follow” feature — part of its transition from newsletter publishing platform to social media site — has tanked subscription growth for lots of newsletter writers.”

  • A simple model of AI and social media - “It is better to just start by admitting that the feed is fun, and informative, for many teenagers and adults too.” // I grew up in the Satanic Panic era, clowns kidnapping kids in vans around every corner, video games scrambling kid’s heads, skulls and boobs in ice-cubes, and of course fear of hip-hop. People actually thought that, across the country, there were Satanic cults trying to convert your children to worshiping the devil, or worse. It was in the news. A lot. I mean, you know [shrugs]: the 80s. So when I see people worrying about popular culture ruining The Kids, I’m immediately suspicious. // Also, I am part of the first generation of heavy Internet users (Gen-X), so I know what the analog world was like: from nothing, to beepers and pay phones, to alpha numeric pagers, the WWW, flip phones, laptops replacing desktops as the norm, WiFi, and then finally smart phones). The analog world sucked in comparison. iPhone 3G forever!

Computerfreaks - Netherlands thrift store find.

AI Corner

From the VP of Cable’s Mood Board, then/now, 2005/2024


  • “You can never have too many chickens.” This guy is amazing. Internet art at its finest.

  • “Meanwhile, I’m headed to Milwaukee this weekend to play pinball and get drunk. Perhaps I should rethink my life choices.”

  • Keep it up.”

  • Word watch, “pink slime”: “Pink slime sites mimic local news providers but are highly partisan and tend to bury their deep ties to dark money, lobbying groups, and special interests.”

  • They’re like the Karens of Europe.

  • Mutually assured mansplaining.

  • “Nexit.” NL Politics.

  • News from the AI v. Human front: “You spend a week writing the 70 page doc only have [to] it sent back to you in 10 minutes. God help us.”

  • “Everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand.” Here.


My old pal Andrew Shafer bought a burger place in Tucson:

I know! I bet they’re good burgers - too bad I don’t get ti Tuscon much.,, @cote,,