“Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous.”

Just links today.

Relevant to your interests

  • Two methods for designing better, more developer friendly platforms - Two ways to make good platform product management decisions: go to where the developers are, ask the developers // a little article by me.

  • Platform Engineering: Orchestrating Applications, Platforms, and Infrastructure - A big overview of platform engineering. Also: Syntasso gettin' into the devrel game!

  • Forrester: Tips for assessing hybrid cloud management - All these years later, enterprise workloads are still running on all the clouds, public and private. // “87% of global cloud decision-makers say their organisations deploy enterprise IT workloads on public cloud, private cloud and in datacentre hosting facilities.”

  • Dell COO: AI will move to the data - (Enterprise) AI will go to where its cheapest to run, by whatever factors.

  • Why Kubernetes needs an LTS - Currently, you can patches for the kubernetes version you’re running for supported for 14 months (12 months of support and 2 months of upgrade period)," a year and two months. He wants to make it 2 years: “I would propose an LTS release with a 24 months of support from GA and an understanding that the Kubernetes team can’t offer an upgrade to the next LTS. The proposed workflow for operations teams would be clusters that live for 24 months and then organizations need to migrate off of them and create a new cluster.” // LTS-talk makes my head hurt, but I think the charts in here are OK. // Also, vendors love LTS as an enterprise feature, and it usually is worth paying for. But, it’s also a trap if you let yourself get locked-in to older versions.

  • CNCF Survey: Half of Organizations Spend More with Kubernetes, Mostly Due to Overprovisioning - “The survey participants shared their views on why running Kubernetes can get quite expensive. The main reason for overspending was overprovisioning (70%), accompanied by the sprawl of resources not being deactivated after use (43%). The second cluster of responses was related to the lack of visibility and insight into consumption and spending (40%) and the lack of awareness and responsibility at the individual and team levels (45%). Technical debt related to not re-architecting workloads migrated into the cloud environment for scalability accounted for 43% of the overspending. Further down, the respondents pointed to resource-hungry workloads (25%), fluctuating consumption demands (23%), and poor planning/prediction of cloud consumption.”


  • “Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous.” Willy Wonka.

  • “The person continues to operate out of the old attitudes and strategies, but they are no longer effective.” Some Jungian shit.

  • “When all else fails, wear a mustache so everyone sees you as more man-like.” Here.

  • “Like, why would I want to look snappy in the office?” Here.

Conferences, Events, etc.

Talks I’m giving, places I’ll be, and other plans.

Executive dinner on Java Security, March 13th, Dallas; DevOpsDays LA, speaking, March 15th, Pasadena “We Fear Change” talk; KubeCon EU, March 19th, Paris; Tanzu (Re)defined, April 11th, Palo Alto. NDC Oslo, speaking, June 12th.

Come to our little party at KubeCon EU, it’s Thursday night. Register for free here! And, if you’re going to KubeCon EU and haven’t registered yet, you can get 20% off with the code KCEU24VMWBC20.


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