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  • Organize Your Change Initiative Around Purpose and Benefits - ‘An easy method of finding a change project’s purpose is to continuously ask, “Why are we doing the project?” Usually, you need to ask this question three to four times to get to the core purpose.’ // Does anyone actually have this level of clarity? When would executives have/make the time to do this work?

  • The Wrong Way to Use DORA Metrics - Metrics used to figure out how to fire people are a bummer.

  • Majority of applications will use cloud-native technologies in two years - ‘Respondents expect the majority of applications to incorporate cloud-native technologies within two years. Currently, 41% of organizations are using cloud-native techniques for more than half of their applications, but this figure is expected to rise to 61% within two years, reflecting an acceleration in the use of cloud-native application architectures. In addition, prior surveys have found cloud-native adoption to be strongest at organizations with more than $1 billion in revenue and among digital transformation leaders. This survey finds the use of cloud-native application architectures to be strong across organizations of all sizes, industries and digital maturity, confirming that cloud “nativity” is the default platform for software deployment.’

  • three personas of the ai ecosystem - JJ goes over three roles/people you’ll encounter in AIrel.

  • IDPs Give Developers More Freedom to Write Code - We’re merging the functionality of automation (usually Kubernetes automation) too much into the concept of IDPs. Automation stands on its own, and when we talk about it as just a feature of IDPs, things get too confusing. It’s tone for IDPs to be a MoM. Historically, a unified suite of ops functionality is hard to sell: people always want to swap in their own components, and the coders have to prioritize across too many different features. And now, we’d also throwing in developer collaboration sites and tools. Imagine if you combined Atlassian, CI/CD, Chef, and your entire developer tools and portal stacks into one product. It’s better that we keep these things as separate concepts that, sure, can be pre-integrated together. But automation is its own thing. I mean, do you like big suites of tools? They are always confusing and you often don’t want to switch over to using all of those pre-integrated tools.

  • These are really great. I feel like it’s the last thing that ever needs to be said on social media, it finishes all that “is this good/bad, etc.” talk that’s constantly going on, and also is instruction for how to be a human on social media, or in meatspace. The other project over there is fun. And, you know: man, I still love flickr even though I’ve largely abandoned it a year ago.


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Executive dinner on Java Security, March 13th, Dallas; DevOpsDays LA, March 15th, Pasadena “We Fear Change” talk; KubeCon EU, March 19th, Paris; Tanzu (Re)defined, April 11th, Palo Alto.

If you’re going to KubeCon EU and haven’t registered yet, you can get 20% off with the code KCEU24VMWBC20.


This story is a good reminder of what “fun” looks like.

Speaking of, we found an apple that has a butt:


If you’re an “executive” and you’re curious what’s up with Tanzu now, we’re hosting an in-person conference in April on just that topic. It’s sort of like a multi-party EBC - if that makes sense to you, it’s something you might just like. We used my suggestion for a name: Tanzu (Re)defined.,, @cote,,