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Why did Kubernetes Win the Kontainer Wars?*

John Willis finally explains why the underpowered, not fully ready, overly complex container orchestrator from Google became the cloud native juggxrnaught.

Also, there’s much whole lot more DevOps and Demming talk in the interview I did with him last week.

*Also, sure: I know that the victors never like the “war” framing. Yup.


  • “Well, we lost a lot of material things, but the great thing is, we’re all still alive, and Mom only broke one hand, and now Dad can buy a new toupee, and that will look lots better!” Bruce Sterling.

  • “Superior And Relentless Alignment.” Here.

  • “an army of fleece-clad adult toddlers” Kara Swisher.

  • The customer is always right, except when it comes to pricing.

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I have some links laying around here somewhere, but I seem to have misplaced them.


I could totally do this, except it’d be PowerPoints instead of music…? I guess I’d need some music in the background, sure.

Also, if I shoot the video in my entire house, does that mean I can write off my entire house as my home office?,, @cote,,