Managing multi-cloud Kuberntes

Here’s the third little interview I did with Torsten Volk at EMA research. We talked about managing Kubernetes, especially if you’re a large organization that has lots of everything. You know: MULTI-CLOUD, Y’ALL! He’s done a great, very thorough look at Kubernetes usage and the state of things. You can get it for free thanks to my work.

Watch it if you’re into this kind of thing.


  • “If you’re a baker, making bread, you’re a baker. If you make the best bread in the world, you’re not an artist, but if you bake the bread in the gallery, you’re an artist. So the context makes the difference.” Marina Abramović from here.

  • Related: The more modern art I see, the more I think: “I’m pretty sure all these people were totes shit-faced and horny as fuck all the time.”

  • The Zurich airport is super chill.

  • “‘malicious compliance,’ meaning you have completed something that was requested of you, simply to illustrate the stupidity of the request.” April Dunford

  • We act like doing public transit is impossible. As Europe proves, what we really mean is that we don’t want to change, pay the costs, wait the time. Most things in “American Exceptionalism” are like this: we just aren’t imaginative enough, nor have enough faith that it’s possible to change. The Exceptionalism also rises because of how well isolated America is, geographically and culturally. We simply don’t have an aggregate first hand experience outside of our own. I mean, you know, that sounds like some weak, “oh, I see you went to college, fancy-ass,” thinking. But even in our own massive country, we get locked into the thinking of our geography. It’s like knowing only one religion from the whole history of humanity, and never being exposed to the hundreds of alternates across the world and across all of human history. If that one religion was caveperson animism, the idea that you could instead worship a human-like figure or an inedible Nothing, or just think the whole idea of religion was more akin to fairy tales…all of that would seem stupid, impossible, and wrong. But! Here we are, most of us not worshiping drawings on cave walls.

  • “I like orderly confusion very much. But this is neither orderly, nor properly confused.” Dieter Rams.

  • “Hot yak stew is brought, and ale, and you are soon feeling very comfortable as Grokkung tells you what his warriors have learnt recently.”

  • “embracing momentary boredom” - I read this while I was bored waiting for my Uber to come…har har har…

For my upcoming platform marketing talk at VMware Explore EU 2023. With help from ChatGPT.


Talks I’ll be giving, places I’ll be, things I’ll be doing, etc.

Nov 6th to 9th VMware Explore in Barcelona, speaking (twice, and at a booth). Nov 15th DeveloperWeek Enterprise, speaking.

Discount code for KubeCon US - while I won’t be at KubeCon US this year, my work has a discount code you can use to get 20% off your tickets. The code is: KCNA23VMWEO20.


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