Kubernetes Service & Distro Usage

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The Network is the Computer

“Sun Microsystems founders (left to right) Bill Joy, Andy Bechtolsheim, Scott McNealy and Vinod Khosla stand in front of their sports cars at the company’s facilities in Palo Alto in 1987”. Posted by readjpeg.raw.

Kubernetes Distro Usage

If you’re interested in marketshare, usage trends, and benefits/problems in Kubernetes-land, Torsten and crew at EMA has a new stack of analysis and charts about Kubernetes out. It’s a packed 84 pages that tries to get it’s hands around the Kubernetes world through many, many different methods: surveys, analyzing GitHub, and even things like finding as many detectable Kubernetes clusters on the public Internet as possible.

Here’s one slide estimating the Kubernetes services/distros in use:

Check out the rest, for free thanks to my work, VMware.


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  • “Stuffing the prompt.”

  • “Good morning, would you like a breakfast calzone?” On the DTW->AMS flight. (I said, “no, thank you.”)

  • “Reverse sales.”

  • “a group of vicious squirrels”

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