Half-Harpy, Dungeons and Dragons Race

A half-harpy is the result of a human breeding with a harpy. Usually, the offspring is a harpy (female), but 10% of the time the offspring is a half-harpy. Half-harpies are male 90% of the time, have wings, human arms, human hands but with long talons on each finger, and, as with a harpy, legs that start as human but end in vulture like ankled and feet.

Half-harpies are accepted into harpy society, but have an even deeper wanderlust than regular harpies. Half-harpies do not stay with flocks of harpies for long, but will follow the flock on annual migrations. A half-harpy that stays in one place for more than a month must roll a constitution DC of 10 each day or lose the ability to fly until it moves at least a day’s travel away from that location.


Half-harpies inherit the vulture-like diets and eating habits of harpies. Half-harpies eat an almost carnivorous diet and prefer uncooked meat of any type. They prefer eating rotten meat and other carrion. When it sees raw meat of any type, the half-harpy must roll a wisdom DC of 10 or be forced to eat a small portion of the meat, needing to be forcefully held back. To eat, the half-harpy rips its food apart and is resistant to eating with civilized manners. A half-harpy can eat vegetation but does not like it and needs to eat a large portion of meat at least once a week if it doesn’t regularly eat meat.

Relations to Humanoids

Most humanoid react cautiously to half-harpies. While tolerated, at the least provocation most humanoids will become fearful and hostile to the half-harpy. In such cases, roll a contest on charisma versus wisdom to see if the troubled humanoid becomes hostile. Smaller to medium sized (a wolf), non-sentient animals will immediately be afraid of half-harpies and flee, hide, or fight as the situation and their disposition determines.

Half-harpies are always chaotic, but may be good, neutral, or evil. The most common alignment is chaotic neutral.


  • Half-harpies increase dexterity by 2, and charisma by 2. Half-harpies are thin boned and light so they suffer a -2 to constitution.
  • Age. As “unnatural” creates, half harpies mature quickly but die younger. Half-harpies are mature at 10 and can live up to 50 years.
  • Languages. Half-harpies speak, read, and write, common, Auran (humanoid bird language), and one other language.
  • They lose the siren song of harpies, but are highly immune to charm (they have an advantage), and totally immune to harpy songs and charms of other avian creatures.
  • Half-harpies have full harpy wings and can fly at 30 ft, but walk a speed of 20ft. They must be wearing light armor or less, and no shield. To fly, a half-harpy can only carry half of the encumbrance for an equivalent human, or is forced to make a strength check each time it takes aloft.
  • Half-harpies have darkvision and have detailed, long range vision. They can see a three foot carcass from four miles away.
  • Half-harpies have perception, acrobatics, and deception.
  • Half-harpies are particularly effected by freezing cold and roll and defend at a disadvantage for cold related checks.


Half-harpies fly at 30 feet and walk at 20 feet.

It takes a half-harpy one turn to get aloft, and a turn to land safely. The half-harpy’s feet talons need something to grip so, for example, it cannot land on a sheer, vertical surface that has nothing to grip onto.

If a harpy falls it takes damage as per a human falling the same feet.


Half-harpies can only use weapons that are two pounds or less. They can only use light armor. This armor must be specially made, increasing the cost by 50%.

Half-harpies can attack with their hand talons as slashing weapons, creating d4 damage. They can attack with their feet talons creating d4 damage plus their strength bonus. They can perform a special attack by quickly descending on a foe from 15 feet and striking with their feet talons for d6 + 3 damage.

While flying, if a half-harpy is hit, it must roll a Constitution. If it fails, it falls out of the sky and must roll a Dexterity check or 13, or take damage per the falling damage of a human.

A harpy will not attack a half-harpy unless directly provoked.,, @cote,,