Pixie Mischief

A cruel laughing pixie, in a forest, in a fantasy setting, in the art style of D&D

Pixies, those delightful and mischievous denizens of the Elderwood, are as much a part of the forest as the trees and the streams. Tiny and whimsical, they flit through the undergrowth, their wings aglow with an ethereal light. They are guardians of the forest, protectors of its secrets, and masters of trickery and illusion. Their laughter is the rustle of leaves, their whispers the sigh of the wind. They are elusive, yet their presence is felt everywhere.

Pixie mischief is legendary in the Elderwood. They are known for their playful pranks, their harmless tricks designed more to amuse than to harm. They delight in leading the unwary astray, in causing mild confusion and chaos, in adding a touch of whimsy and unpredictability to the otherwise serene forest. But remember, their tricks are never malicious, and often, they serve to remind us not to take life too seriously.

In my time in the Elderwood, when I’ve been, let’s say, lucky enough to encounter Pixies, I’ve collected a list of their delightful mischief. It’s a testament to their playful nature, a glimpse into their whimsical world, and perhaps, a guide on what to expect when you find yourself in the heart of their domain.

–From Rye Leafoot’s _Elderwood Guidebook, vol. 5: Catalog and Observations on the Least Dangerous of the Inhabitants of the Elderwood_.

When a player encounters a Pixie in Dungeons and Dragons, what might the Pixie do and say to mess with the player?

Twenty Pixie Pranks (d20)

  1. Pixies turn invisible and whisper misleading directions, leading people astray.
  2. They tie shoelaces together when no one’s looking.
  3. Pixies use minor illusion to create the sound of a roaring beast nearby.
  4. They sprinkle pixie dust on sleeping individuals, causing them to levitate a few inches off the ground.
  5. Pixies use their magic to make a person’s food taste like mud.
  6. They steal small, shiny objects and hide them in hard-to-reach places.
  7. Pixies use their magic to make a person’s clothes change color.
  8. They use minor illusion to make a rock look like a precious gem.
  9. Pixies move a person’s equipment around when they’re not looking.
  10. They use their magic to make a person’s hair stand on end.
  11. Pixies use minor illusion to create the sound of a swarm of bees.
  12. They use their magic to make a person’s voice sound like a frog’s croak.
  13. Pixies rearrange signs or landmarks to confuse travelers.
  14. They use their magic to make a person’s drink taste like vinegar.
  15. Pixies use minor illusion to make a tree look like a scary monster.
  16. They steal a person’s map and replace it with a drawing of a pixie sticking out its tongue.
  17. Pixies use their magic to make a person’s backpack unbearably heavy.
  18. They use minor illusion to make a harmless bunny look like a dire wolf.
  19. Pixies hide a person’s weapons and replace them with flowers.
  20. They use their magic to make a person’s bedroll feel like it’s filled with pebbles.
A cruel laughing fairy, in a forest, in a fantasy setting, in the art style of D&D

Pixie Nonsense Talks (d20)

“Just let me go and I’ll tell you a secret that the big folk don’t know!"

  1. “Did you know that cloud gazing at midnight helps you grow taller?”
  2. “The sun actually rises in the west in the Elderwood, you know.”
  3. “If you hold your breath while crossing a stream, you’ll become invisible.”
  4. “Trees can hear your thoughts, so be careful what you think around them.”
  5. “If you sing to your food, it tastes better. Trust me.”
  6. “Swallowing a pebble will make your voice sound like a dragon’s roar.”
  7. “Tying your boots with your eyes closed brings good luck.”
  8. “If you can catch a falling leaf before it hits the ground, you’ll have good dreams tonight.”
  9. “Walking backwards wards off evil spirits.”
  10. “If you whisper your secrets to a flower, it will never tell.”
  11. “Did you know that owls are actually afraid of the dark?”
  12. “Rubbing moss on your skin helps you blend in with the forest.”
  13. “You can talk to squirrels if you learn their language.”
  14. “Rainbows are actually bridges to other worlds.”
  15. “If you tickle a tree, it might just tickle you back.”
  16. “The moon is made of cheese, but only on Tuesdays.”
  17. “If you dance in the rain, you’ll never get wet.”
  18. “Birds can’t actually fly; they’re just really good at jumping.”
  19. “If you can catch a raindrop on your tongue, it will grant you a wish.”
  20. “Never trust a rabbit; they’re notorious liars.”,, @cote,,