Rye Leafoot's Guide to Elderwood: Introduction from the Bird's Eye

Elderwood. Ah, dear reader, it’s so much more than a mere word on parchment. It’s the delicate shiver of leaves under a morning breeze, the deep-rooted tales older than the oldest oak, and the harmonious symphony of bustling life and placid landscapes.

To the north, run a mountain range, The Elf’s Wall. These peaks casts lengthy shadows, towering sentinels of age-old stone that I’ve often found myself wondering about. How many stories have they witnessed, unchanging and eternal, as empires rose and fell? But just between you and me, tucked in the east, there’s a sneaky passage. If walls could talk, eh?

Down these mountains, the flora paints a verdant scene so lush that even the most skilled painter might surrender his brush in awe. I once met an old dwarf who claimed his ancestors mistook this place for the Feywild, and who’s to blame them? The trees stretch so thickly, it’s as if the ground is playing an endless game of “more the merrier.”

Now, let’s chat about that life-giving river, a liquid ribbon gracefully meandering from the northeast. There’s a bit of predictability in its course, straightening up with purpose around Aurel’s Reach. Ah, that city! Nestled where the river seems to take a calm breath before diving into its next adventure. The hub of timber trade, it’s a city that knows its wood like a bard knows his lute.

Speaking of Aurel’s Reach, imagine a place where the sounds of hammers and song blend seamlessly. A mosaic of cultures — humans, halflings (like yours truly), elves, and so many more — each contributing a note to the city’s harmonious tune. The river divides yet connects, its bridges reminiscent of friendships formed over shared ale and campfires. Across the waters, the farmlands. Oh, the patchwork beauty! Each plot telling tales of hard work and nature’s bounty.

But let’s take a little detour, for my wandering heart calls. To the west, the forests give way to plains, vast and unending. These plains stretch out like a bard’s tale, eventually leading to the Royal Coast that caresses the enigmatic Sea of Passage. Ah, the sea! A force that’s both nurturing and wild. I once heard an elf sing of its tales; of its moods that range from serene lulls to tempestuous roars.

Back to Elderwood, though. The symbiotic dance between civilization and nature here is a thing of beauty. The denizens, respectful of the forest’s whispers, and the forest, ever watchful, sometimes peeking with curious eyes at the bustling life beyond its embrace.

For every timber merchant counting his coin, there’s a nymph singing an ancient song; for every halfling child chasing fireflies, there’s a treant reminiscing tales of old. It’s harmony, in its purest form.

As for the denizens of this rich land, they’re a reflection of Elderwood’s spirit — vibrant, diverse, and rooted in age-old traditions. Tales of timber, magic, and camaraderie echo in every corner. There’s depth beneath the surface, waiting for the curious soul to discover.

And as Rye Leafoot, the ever-curious halfling druid, I invite you to take this journey with me, to delve deeper into the heart of Elderwood, and perhaps, just perhaps, discover a piece of yourself amidst its tales.,, @cote,,