If you’re so smart, why are we all still so dumb?

We’re back from a three day weekend in London for our anniversary. I tried very hard to eliminate all “productivity,” so I have very little to say today. I did want to ADVERTISE for a thing I have tomorrow. So I’ve gathered up some waste book for you today.

File:WLANL - jankie - Ondergesneeuwd veld met een eg (naar Millet), Vincent van Gogh (1889).jpg
Snow-Covered Field with a Harrow (after Millet), Vincent van Gogh (1889).


  • We should revise the Peter Principle not to be insulting (reached the level of your incompetence), but burnout driven: reached the level of being able to put up with more bullshit.

  • “I know my price. Because I developed my identity outside of work, there’s a cost that comes when work infringes upon it—if it ever costs me a larger part of my identity and my life, I know it’s not worth it.” Here.

  • I like systems that can be successfully applied, with only medium effort. It must be executable by many organizations, not just the exceptional ones. This principle weeds out the systems that sound good, but can never be done widely. It can be hard for the genius to come up with the perfect systems, but should be easy for us regular folk to implement it. This applies to individuals as well. Related:

  • If you’re so smart, why are we all still so dumb?

  • There’s tasks that need to be done by a date. And then there are tasks that have the potential to help me meet goals I don’t even know I have yet.

  • In praise of source cream - It is good. Despite growing up eating Tex-Mex, it is something I never really got into until recently.

  • Travel hack: you only have to keep the tray table up during landing and take off. So if you’re waiting for the plane to load and take off, you can put it down. I like to hunch over while I’m waiting, you know reading books or news or whatever. So I put the tray table down to lean on it.

  • This is a good book, and I enjoyed reading it.

Tomorrow Darran Rice and I are going to be talking about how cloud native apps can make your financial services strategy better. Plus, a little security, legacy software fixes, etc. Watch it live, July 19th at 3pm Amsterdam time, and you can ask questions. Or, just save it to watch later.


Talks I’ll be giving, places I’ll be, things I’ll be doing, etc.

July 19th Improving FinTech with cloud native think, speaking. July 19th Stop Tech Debt and Start Using Faster, More Secure Paths to Production. Sep 6th to 7th DevOpsDays Des Moines, speaking. Sep 13th, stackconf, Berlin. Sep 14th to 15th SREday, London, speaking Sep 18th to 19th SHIFT in Zadar, speaking. Oct 3rd Enterprise DevOps Techron, Utrecht, speaking.


See y’all next time!,, @cote,,