2023-06-18 yesterday note


  1. For Father’s Day, Kim set me up with a nice hotel room that has a sauna in it. I think we’re developing a tradition of these parents days where the parent gets the day off. Sort of ironic, but fitting for the contemporary pro mental health vibe we all stew in.
  2. I was told to do no work, even my own projects. So I’ve been watching Batman: The Long Halloween. These Batman…cartoons?…have a guilty pleasure appeal that the live action ones don’t. They’re less…intense?…and more fun in that they go through a lot of characters.
  3. I’m not a bit comic book reader at all. When I was kid, I read a lot of GI Joe, Conan, and The Nam. I would buy whatever Sargent Slaughter I could find at the used book store. I guess I did read a lot of comics, just not the super hero ones. I tried getting into comics a few years ago, but it was time consuming…and so slow moving going through each panel. It seems like one of those retirement activities: when there’s nothing else to do, read a stack of comics.
  4. Related: I always try to figure out how to just start doing those things already. To engineer my schedule so that I can.
  5. I really like LumaFusion. I started using it during the pandemic when my daughter was born: a hell of a calendar combination! I was on paternal leave and I needed some projects to work on (see above!). So I’d make some silly videos, and I discovered that you could edit with one hand using LumaFusion, in my phone. So when I was holding and feeding the baby, I could do full video editing, exporting, and so forth. I use Descript mostly now, but LumaFusion feels better. New features since last I checked in on it: Noise removal in LumaFusion is pretty good. And multi-cam editing is fantastic.
  6. This guy is great. I love language, all parts of it (except grammar maybe - that feels like begrudgingly necessary handcuffs). I need to harness that to learn Dutch: I’ve missed out on a huge opportunity after living here for almost 5 years. Starting and maintains learning is so hard.

Second Half.

We went to the beach for the rest of the afternoon.,, @cote,,