possibly, love birds

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Dog walk through the park

Out on a dog walk on a recent evening, there were several things to see.

The homeless guy who lives in the parkwas sitting in his little area and there was a young guy sitting there with him. They were talking about something, smiling and laughing a lot.

On the bridge there was a girl and a guy fishing. She was sitting in a chair and the guy was leaned over the side of the bridge with a fishing pole, while the girl was tearing up something to throw in. I guess old bread to attract the fish.

Two kids, one wearing an Ajax shirt, running down the path kicking a ball.

A lady in a bikini sitting with her back to me and some little tiny tattoo at the top of her back, with what looked like an empty bottle of rosé. She also had a little bucket-hat on her picnic blanker that was black with white weed leaves on it.

A group of two old couples walking on the path, towards the bridge.

Two, possibly, teen love birds sitting on the swings in the playground, kind of gently swinging back-and-forth talking with each other.



Talks I’ll be giving, things I’ll be doing, places I’ll be going.

June 21st Cloud Foundry Day, Heidelberg, speaking. June 21st Making digital transformation stick in government agencies, online. June 22nd to 23rd DevOpsDays Amsterdam June 28th, July 4th, July 11th Cloud Native for Financial Services talk series.August 21st to 24th SpringOne & VMware Explore US, in Las Vegas. Sep 6th to 7th  DevOpsDays Des Moines, speaking. Sep 18th to 19th SHIFT in Zadar.


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