You can't avoid lock-in

I have a new video, opining on multi-cloud and how Kubernetes might could help with fears of lock-in (a concept that I think is kind…basic?), check it out below:

Relevant to your interests

  • The Care and Feeding of Internal Developer Platforms - Five benefits of monitoring and managing internal developer platforms are noted: improved system performance, cost reduction, scalability, enhanced security, and improved feedback loops. Achieving these benefits entails securing deployment environments, establishing system baselines, setting up alerting rules, monitoring application performance, and automating processes.

  • Setting time on fire and the temptation of The Button - If you value writing by the time put into it (“thoughtfulness”), the AI stuff is going to mess with your judgements. // “Now consider all the other tasks where the final written output is important because it is a signal of the time spent on the task, and the thoughtfulness that went into it. Performance reviews. Strategic memos. College essays. Grant applications. Speeches. Comments on papers. And so much more.”


  • “months seem to fly by while hours and days can feel endless” Here.

  • “It feels like, just beneath the surface of our normal base reality, there is another layer of American culture. I’ll call it Barstool reality. It’s a place where niche Instagram personalities, OnlyFans models, college athletes, and that guy Hasbulla all intersect. Everyone has the sort of bad tan you get from spending too much time on a lake boat or the golf course or at a midwestern college football tailgate. The only food you ever see is fast food or big salads. Everything is written in a font that I can only describe as Mobile Game Sans. And no one ever blinks. This reality is always trying to figure out what the new drink of the summer is — it was White Claw, then it was ranch water, now it’s those big jugs of vodka and flavor packets, I think. That’s where this video is from. And every time a piece of content like this breaks containment everyone on Twitter loses their minds. But, honestly, all of the weirdly shiny and orange guys with zoomer middle parts wearing soft, over-sized T-shirts in these videos seem very at peace mindlessly jabbering about going to see Diplo at Red Rocks and I’m starting to think I would like to live in this world, as well.” Here.


Talks I’ll be giving, things I’ll be doing, places I’ll be going.

June 9th PlatformCon, online. June 21st Cloud Foundry Day, Heidelberg, speaking. June 21st Making digital transformation stick in government agencies, online. June 22nd to 23rd DevOpsDays Amsterdam June 28th, July 4th, July 11th Cloud Native for Financial Services talk series.August 21st to 24th SpringOne & VMware Explore US, in Las Vegas. Sep 6th to 7th  DevOpsDays Des Moines, speaking. Sep 18th to 19th SHIFT in Zadar.


Not much in the newsletter of late, huh? I’ve been doing a lot of other content. You can see some minor notes in the day notes posts on my blog.

Today I managed to get two videos out, which was rewarding. I have one queued up for tomorrow that’s testing a new format: just taking one figure, idea, or tiny thing and commenting on it. We’ll see if (1) I actually do, like, three, and, (2) if they’re interesting.,, @cote,,