Dead Horse Points

In corporate meetings, oftentimes one person figures out a problem and comes up with a solution. Equally often, multiple people in the meeting like the re-iterate the point in their own words, adding 5–10 minutes more to the meeting.

Once the epiphany and decision is made, everyone should just close the issue, and move on. No need for people to comment on it more.

For example, in one company I worked for we were discussing a software product name. The project had been called “APM.” But it turns out, it wasn’t an APM product, it was just exposing instrumented metrics in the software. This is, in itself, incredibly valuable, but not full blown APM. Someone initially pointed out, “we shouldn’t call that APM,” and everyone agreed.

Then 3 other people chimed in with their retelling of this point, basically embellishing and rephrasing the point. In most corporate meetings, and I’d argue in the never-ending meeting of Slack channels and email, there’s no need for all that extra talk after a realization and decision is made. Someone needs to pipe up and say “what’s the next issue?” or close out the meeting.,, @cote,,