Escape the Legacy Trap - how to quickly modernize legacy applications with a business value focus

76% of executives say legacy software is holding them back

Old software is a big problem in most organizations. For example, in one survey 76% of executives said legacy software is holding them back from introducing new features in their software. This means their business can’t change: if the software can’t change, the business can’t change.

IDC estimates there are 500 million legacy applications in use around the world. The vast majority are found on x86 servers, with most running on virtual machines (VMs).

My collegue Marc Zottner and I wrote up how our work, Tanzu Labs, helps organizations modernize their software and escape the legacy trap. Using a process called Swift, the process incrementally modernizes applications based on how they’re used, that is “business capablities.”


Guides to Help You Escape the Legacy Trap

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