a datacenter filled with clouds in the style of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Midjournal)

Here are some kubernetes things I probably mentioned:

My primary concern and critique of Kubernetes right now is that it doesn’t seem to be making software development and delivery better. In fact, as it is used by more and more people, it’s making things worse:

Release cycles are not getting shorter.
From the VMware 2023 State of Kubernetes survey.

This will probably be fixed over time, but people blindly putting Kubernetes in place because “it’s the future” need to do so with care and deliberate planning. Thankfully, there’s well over seven years of people learning how to do this with the app platforms that came before Kubernetes like Cloud Foundry. And many of them are still doing it, for thousands of applications in production at real companies.

Also, the “container wars,” which Kubernetes “won,” have been a huge distraction from focusing on application developers. This is evidenced by the rise in developer experience and platform engineering that is, to me, reinventing , from scratch a lot of what we already had but threw out in favor of “the future.” So it goes.

Kubernetes has many benefits, but don’t assume it’ll be easy.,, @cote,,