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I talk a little bit about managing your open source usage: security isn’t really a big deal if you put in place policy and tools, pick thriving communities, and the value of giving developers choice. Read more in our recent survey on the topic.

Guest on: Evolution of ITSM: Modernising ITGuest on:

I was on The ITSM Crowd show today, it was fun! Claire Agutter about what "software is eating" the world, and what all that urgency/headwind babble means for software in enterprises. And then we talk about ops's new role as platform engineers and what platform engineering is. Check it out: [](

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How to learn cloud native? Check out VMware Explore 2022

[]( If you're doing anything with programming, apps, or the software you build and use to run your organization, check out the sessions we have at VMware Explore 2022, coming up August 29th to September 1st. (It's the new name for VMworld, same conference, though.) Browse the content catalog, and register if you're interested.

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Do Less Than You Think Overly ambitious aspirations often fail. Scale back your digital transformation dreams to starts small, learn, grow, repeat. Transcript 06 - Big Bang Releases The sixth reason why changing, how you do software at large organizations usually fails: doing way too much at once, the big bang release. Oftentimes, when you're changing, how you do software at a large organization, you wanna have a big successful release. You've got a lot to change hundreds, if not thousands of teams, and you're investing a lot of time and money and attention from a corporate perspective.

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The CI/CD Bottleneck Don’t have real CI/CD in place? Check out the Tanzu Application Platform. Transcript 05 - No CI/CD 14 reasons why your digital transformation strategy probably will go poorly: the fifth reason. You probably don't have true continuous integration and continuous deployment in place. What this means is that you're not only automating the way that you build your software, that you test your software, that you even make the images or the package of the software to be deployed continuous integration.

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