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Creating new appdev capabilities

I like this point from a recent write-up of the US Army’s software development transformation: He added that the technology being developed is often secondary. "A lot of times, people get really caught up on what type of software you're developing, and we look at it as the software that we're developing is the intermediate step," he said. Instead, the desired result is having a slew of technology-savvy professionals or "

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Reluctance to change - Notebook

I've proposed an open spaces for DevOpsDays Amsterdam, 2021. The idea is: The DevOps community pushes for people to change how they think and operate. When it comes to working better, we have proven tools, techniques, and even big picture ways of thinking like CALMS. You’re more than likely eager to try these new things, get better, change. However, many more people seem less than eager to change - your co-workers, managers, and the countless “others” in your organization.

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healthcare tech reports notes

Some reading I did for getting up to speed on healthcare tech. "Claims 2030: A talent strategy for the future of insurance claims" Claims 2030: A talent strategy for the future of insurance claims Using the old AI agent sidekick idea to take care of decision making. You still have a human face to walk you through stuff. Other roles are a person to sort out more complex things that a computer can't do and the data scientists who monitor decision making and do new ML-stuff training.

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