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[Link] Rats, Levers, and Parks: Designing Better Choices

“Then a smarter group of researchers had another idea. If you were stuck in a cage with nothing but food, water, and drugs, you’d probably pull that lever until you died too. Most of us would. I’d absolutely go full Scarface if the alternative was rolling around a cage suckling water hoping for salvation.” - That is, animals will behave poorly if they have desperate conditions. They will give up if trapped in a cage and given the chance of bliss.

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[Link] Infrastructure for apps: Platforms for cooperative delivery

Alternate phrase for the platform engineering idea: “DevOps for Kubernetes.” Maybe “DevOps4k8s”?: “In addition to its self-service paradigm, platform engineering also focuses on the needs of application developers and operators, the users of the platform. This increases PEs’ empathy for developers and other platform users and helps them gather feedback and iteratively improve to meet their needs, as product developers do for end customers. The shift in focus also better aligns platform development with an enterprise’s true value streams, rather than infrastructure teams being an out-of-band cost center.

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[Link] Service Mesh Demand for Kubernetes Shifts to Security

“The number-one driver Linkerd these days is the security feature. That was surprising for us because when we came into service mesh as platform engineers, we thought Linkerd in the early days was about observability and traffic control, which are still useful, of course,” Morgan said. “Sometimes they’re almost apologetic, but I tell them they don’t have to be apologetic because it makes sense.” Original source: Service Mesh Demand for Kubernetes Shifts to Security

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[Link] Google Cloud Seeing ‘Significant’ VMware ‘Momentum’: GM

“How big of an opportunity here is VMware Engine for Google Cloud and your partners? I’m going to say 90 percent of these workloads are still on premise - more than 90 percent. And we all know the dominance that VMware enjoyed on-prem with VMs.” This is similar to the AWS CEO saying, a few weeks ago, that we’ve just got about 10% of workloads in public cloud. And then, frequent reference to “60 percent cost savings on infrastructure” after moving to Google Cloud’s VMware hosting.

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[Link] Disruption for Doctors: the Rise of Selfcare

“But guess what: consumers spend more money each year on AirPods than healthcare spends each year on EMR! And because of IT, consumers have been gaining new capabilities much more rapidly than the healthcare system.” This is some fun thinking on innovation in large organizations and systems. First, are you actually spending the resources (time, money, and attention) to change things. Second, are you solving simple problems that have big productivity/improvement gains.

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[Link] Mailbag: What isn't measurable? To hire as exec or not?

“At Calm, I’ve focused on measuring engineering through the number of features shipped, maintaining an agreed upon target win/loss/neutral rate for experiments (e.g. roughly one-third in each bucket), and whether we made exactly one big technical investment per quarter. For many folks asking for an engineering velocity measurement, this will meet their criteria, but it’s really more of an investment thesis. Even if we shipped more features one quarter than another, I wouldn’t actually believe that our velocity had necessarily gone up, it’s more likely that the features themselves were smaller.

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