I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on this week’s Speaking In Tech Podcast (see their larger site as well). If you’re not familer with the show, they split it into two halves: topical tech news discussion followed by a guest interview. I sat through the first half on mute resisting the urge to chime in, it was a fun conversation. The second half was an overview of my career in tech with me plowing through my weird travels therein, all the way up to Pivotal.

Anyhow, have a listen, and subscribe to the podcast if you like tech podcasts – it’s good stuff each week!


There’s a lot of people who’d like to make a lot of money off of this, so don’t get all shocked when things go weird.

Last week’s thenewstack.io podcast has us discussing open source foundations and their role in the vendor landscape. We talk about the ASF, the Linux Foundation, the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and a theoretic Docker foundation. If you’re into all that scenario thinking, it’s good stuff to start thinking about how things might play out based on the structures and cultures people are putting into place around this part of the IT world. See the full shownotes over on thenewstack.io.


Last week Alex and I summed up our thoughts on DockerCon EU after the show. As ever, there’s more questions than answers, but you can see me walking through my major Docker, Inc. epiphany: “they never actually stopped being a PaaS company.”

See the full show notes for an excellent, as always, summary from Luke Lefler.


In one of the recently published thenewstack.io podcasts, Alex and I discuss the tech news world. If you want a really surreal write-up of the show, check out the awesome show-notes.

This episode is pretty un-representative of the show, but here’s the feed for the podcast if you’re interested in subscribing. And, there’s a video if you prefer that kind of thing.


In this “bonus” episode, Brandon and I discuss Compuware going private (Thoma Bravo announced they were acquiring them) and the how private equity fits into the full life-cycle of a software company.

With Brandon Whichardand Coté.

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Show notes

“After more than a year of speculation and other reported offers, Compuware has agreed to sell itself to private equity (PE) firm Thoma Bravo for $10.92 per share, or $2.5bn. Thoma Bravo gets a valuable asset in mainframe and application performance management (APM) that has already unloaded most of its unwanted baggage. We expect the PE firm to build on its new portfolio company – its first move may be a merger with existing Thoma Bravo property Keynote Systems.”

  • A good return for the “activist investor” involved: “Jesse Cohn, the portfolio manager at [Elliott Management Corp. who owned ~9.5% of Compuware] involved with the Compuware investment, said the deal delivered a 30 percent return for his firm.”

  • Further: The Elliot Management folks are busy in tech: BMC, pressure EMC, Novell and has Attachmatte. Also LANdesk, Tripwire, Keynote, Embarcadeo (which has Borland, right?). Dell bought SonicWALL from them.

  • The Plan:

“We began with the I.P.O. of Covisint, initiated a robust dividend, divested noncore operations, and aggressively reduced corporate expenses,” Compuware’s chief executive, Bob Paul, said in a statement. “Compuware is now best suited to focus on its core mainframe and APM businesses as a private-equity backed company, where we can continue to serve our customers in a competitive environment with greater flexibility to take a long-term approach.”

Compuware revenue

Matt Ray gives one of the better explanations of “the VMware cloud” that you’ll hear.


Coming fresh off of VMworld, Matt and Coté (mostly Matt!) discuss VMware’s cloud stack, vRealize, along with the new OpenStack API-as-Distro they announced. We also discuss some of the new, crowd-sourcing business models in industry analyst land and how they’re trying to plug holes in the analyst model. And, as always: recommendations for the week.

With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

Sponsor: get $200 off when you register for 451’s Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit (Oct 6th to 8th) when you use the code MC200 at http://451events.com. Also, you should sign up for my newsetter at http://coteindustries.com/memo.

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Show notes