Tanzu Talk

In my Tanzu Talk videos and streams I talk about doing software better, how large organizers are become more agile, and otherwise doing “digital transformation” with software development. There’s also occasional interviews. Also, I talk about, you know, “nothing.”

Episodes, archives, etc.

Check out the archives in YouTube, watch them live in Twitch, and see all the other shows my co-workers on Tanzu.TV.


My streaming schedule can be sporadic. Currently I’m trying to stream each Tuesday and Thursday at 10am central European time. It’s in Twitch with all the other tech people.


I usually mention more reading and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES in each episode. Here are the common ones:

If you don’t see what you want above, you can usually find it in the individual show notes in the YouTube archives. (I sometimes post shows notes on my blog, here, as well, but I’m reliable.)