Zombies vs. Vampires – who would win?

One of my colleagues recently asked this question. Through a series of detailed logic-gates, we can conclude the following two scenarios:

  1. In much zombie lore, zombies don’t like to eat (long) dead things or even diseased humans (cf. World War Z, the movie). Therefore: vampires win because they’re immune.

  2. However, if the cause of zombie-ism was a “virus” that effected any dead body, not just one bitten by zombie, (cf. The Walking Dead, the TV show), then the vampires may be in trouble as they’re technically “dead” and would seem to be contagious to the zombie-flu in their dead state.


Addendum – food supply problem for vampires

In scenario one (vampires win) a problem presents itself. What if all living humans were turned to zombies and there were no more living humans?

Vampires must eat living humans, so their food supply would be eliminated. Some vampire-lore seems to indicate that vampires can live off rat blood and other creatures, while others suggest a synthetic blood can be invented (cf. True Blood, the TV show), while others seem to indicate that vampires can hibernate for centuries (cf. the Underworld movies) at least holding off death (though it seems to require a great deal of blood to setup). So, if the food supply was eliminated, problems arise for vampires, assuming they can’t drink whatever “zombie blood” is.

Minus the synthetic blood deus ex machina (and rats), in these situations, the vampires would have to clone humans (cf. Hemlock Grove) or find living humans (astronauts trapped in space?) then breed them. It’s dicey (because science), but vampires still win.

An OK TV show, but a zombie let-down – The Walking Dead, Season 1

We finished watching AMC’s The Walking Dead tonight (through Amazon Video OnDemand in beard stubble HD clarity) – I wouldn’t recommend it as a super zombie show. There are a few good scenes, maybe a whole episode (the second?), but overall or suffers from being a drama instead of a zombie show.

A second season, with more than 6 episodes is scheduled. As I recall, there’s new writers and some staff. Perhaps it’ll improve. And the show does make me interested in the original comic series.

Back to season one: the whole affair is fine as a regular show, and the level of gore – win it happens – is shockingly up to par coming for TV. So much of the show is filled with non-zombie action, though, and you keep waiting for The Walking Dead to enter the plot.

Left 4 Dead

Playing Left 4 Dead

Charles was nice enough to send one of his extra XBoxes along to me and I ordered up a copy of Left 4 Dead
in anticipation of that. I’ve never been a huge video game fan – though I do love the Grand Theft Auto series. Zombies, however, are a favorite of mine.

The game play is fun enough – it’s just a first person shooter, really. What’s really pretty good, though, is the Zombie-craft, if you will, in the game. The zombies act like what you’d expect. Granted, they’re fast zombies, which is sort of non-cannon for me. But, if you had slow zombies in the game, it’d have to be a puzzle game (figure out how to get past a horde of zombies) rather than a first person shooter.

I’ve yet to play with actual humans, but I can see that it’d be pretty fun. Charles has a copy of the game in mail (I traded the game for the XBox), so we’ll see soon.