Left 4 Dead

Playing Left 4 Dead

Charles was nice enough to send one of his extra XBoxes along to me and I ordered up a copy of Left 4 Dead
in anticipation of that. I’ve never been a huge video game fan – though I do love the Grand Theft Auto series. Zombies, however, are a favorite of mine.

The game play is fun enough – it’s just a first person shooter, really. What’s really pretty good, though, is the Zombie-craft, if you will, in the game. The zombies act like what you’d expect. Granted, they’re fast zombies, which is sort of non-cannon for me. But, if you had slow zombies in the game, it’d have to be a puzzle game (figure out how to get past a horde of zombies) rather than a first person shooter.

I’ve yet to play with actual humans, but I can see that it’d be pretty fun. Charles has a copy of the game in mail (I traded the game for the XBox), so we’ll see soon.