What workloads are you running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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I came across this TechValidate stuff in a briefing today. It’s fun!

What workloads are you running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

ERP is moving to SaaS all the sudden

The proportion of enterprises that have replaced or plan to replace existing ERP systems with SaaS has doubled from 12 to 24 percent in the past year, according to research published this week by industry analyst firm Forrester.

In addition, the numbers planning to use SaaS alongside on-premise ERP — for example in ‘two-tier’ ERP deployments — leapt by more than half to 41 percent. Taken together, the survey shows that 65 percent of enterprises expect to be using SaaS in some ERP role before the end of 2015 — a massive increase of two thirds on what respondents were saying a year ago.

ERP is moving to SaaS all the sudden