Your address book is worth ~$45, your medical records ~£12,000

I’m envisioning one of those butcher charts with all the cuts of meat, except it’s a human and all their social info and personal data/records:

If Facebook values your phone book at $42, or £25.24 today, what do you think your lifelong medical record is worth? The health industry is a colossal business, much bigger than internet social networking, and pharmaceutical companies desperately need the data to reduce the risk on their own drug research planning. They have the means and willingness to pay for this data. [The UK government says £11,865.]

Your address book is worth ~$45, your medical records ~£12,000

“Pushing wet glue through a swamp” – Video version of Connected Culture & Oblique Strategies is up now, episode #5. A fun episode, with WhatsApp talk. Check out some comments on the Google+ page from Craig Wilkey who’s phone we diagnose in the iPhone Palmestry section at the end.

Craig also has an awesome self-diagnosis of his phone, good shit! Keep those screens coming! I’ll post the audio version once it’s in SoundCloud, along with the detailed show-notes.

Also, you can subscribe to the podcast feed to get the audio automagically downloaded.

Update: the audio is now up, along with extensive shownotes.