Presentation: Rapidly Deliver the Software That Matters

Check out this recording of a recent talk of mine. Here’s the abstract:

Many Government organizations are getting better at software development, deployment and management by using techniques like DevOps, agile development, and product management. Cloud native technologies are making organizations’ software supply chains more efficient and reliable. Our substantial experience with open-source technology and continuous deployment approaches, offers a powerful accelerator for contact tracing and integrated citizen response solutions. Improvement is fragile, and scaling up in large organizations is difficult. This talk will discuss bottlenecks, challenges, and how Government agencies and organizations are succeeding.

There’s even a transcript!

Webinar Recording: Understand the What, Why & How of Digital Transformation Featuring 451 Research

Earlier this month I did a webinar with Nick at 451. He does a great job summarizing all the digital hoopla going around and I finish up with, predictably, why and how Pivotal can help out there, along with a few customer examples. Check it out!

Hustlin’ webinars

Hey, sometimes a Johnny Leadgen PDF has some useful info in it. This PDF from BrightTalk (a webinar hosting company that, in my experience, is the best all around) goes over some tips on promoting your webinar:

  • “The ideal promotional campaign spans about 4 weeks prior to the live event, with a minimum suggested promotion time of about 2.5 weeks.”

And for each social hole:

Screenshot 2016-10-04 09.54.02.png

“[U]sing it as a way to escape for a bit.” That’s the one.

There’s some other, mostly obvious, but good to reminded of stuff in the PDF.

Greenfield cloud projects, webinar recording

The recording of my webinar on greenfield cloud projects is up. It’s based on the first part of my series on getting a good cloud strategy in place and executing it. There’s two more webinars coming up, on working with legacy applications and IT department transformation.

Here’s the slides if you want those.

Avoiding screwing up your cloud strategy: the greenfield journey

I’m doing a series of webinars based on my cloud native journey blog series, see the slides above (once the recording posts, I’ll embed it here as well!).

The gist of this series is my collection of advice on getting your cloud strategy right, mostly for large organizations. It starts with defining why you’d care (custom written software can now be used as a core competitive advantage, like never before), what the goals are (getting good at custom software development and delivery), and then gives advice across three different phases (greenfield, legacy, and organization transformation), or parts of the “maturity cycle” (a phrase I didn’t really use in the series).

Check out the first webinar on Nov. 5th at noon central, with two more coming in December, on the 1st and then the 15th.

Upcoming talk on Dell’s New Cloud Strategy

I’ll have a little cameo on a webinar tomorrow, speaking broadly to Dell’s cloud strategy. It’d a good chance to see what we’re up to now-a-days and how we think about it. This will be one of the first, public overviews of our cloud approach since we announced we were no longer building and running our own public cloud.

And, it’s got a snappy title: Is Cloud Meeting Your Expectations? Today’s Results….Tomorrow’s Promises, and the agenda:

According to IDC, cloud revenue is growing at more than 25 percent a year, and will reach $55.5 billion by 2014. I think we can agree that cloud is here to stay, but is your organization seeing the results they expected? This session will show customer success in adopting cloud; time/cost savings, and improvements to the quality of life. There will also be a discussion on up-and-coming cloud trends and how Dell is addressing these and simplifying the process with Dell best practices, cloud enabled hardware, software and services.

Join this session to:

  • Discover how organizations like yours are successfully adopting cloud and seeing real business results
  • Understand future trends that can affect your organization, and hear how Dell is addressing these with the right solutions: hardware, software and services
  • Learn 3 key steps in making cloud adoption work best for your organization

If you sign-up and attend, you’ll get to see my buddy Roy in action as well.

You’d probably also like this one with Barton George and John Willis: How IT and Developers Can Join Forces to Innovate in the Cloud.