Link: Police wasted €400,000 on ‘redundant’ emergency app: report

Due to delays and setbacks, the deadline to launch the app in the spring of 2017 was never reached. Construction of the app only started in February 2018. In that period the current Minister of Justice and Security, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, suddenly announced that – contrary to all previous decisions – he is giving priority to the introduction of AML. Making the main function of the 112 app completely obsolete.

Source: Police wasted €400,000 on ‘redundant’ emergency app: report

Link: Transforming the Air Force into a software company with more airpower

“We have a small team that was tired of working this way and tired of not being able to provide this capability to our warfighters,” said Adam Furtado (pictured), chief product officer at the U.S. Air Force. “Basically, Congress told us to figure something new out.”


“We’ve been designing a brand new system to modernize for about 10 years, and we just haven’t been able to get it to the field for a ton of Department of Defense, bureaucratic and acquisitions reasons,” Furtado explained.
Original source: Transforming the Air Force into a software company with more airpower

Link: Curing Handoff-itis

“I feel like it is just making our products so much better and so much more usable and user friendly. Having that integration with design rather than some sort of a hand-off, just means we get something into user’s hands quicker.”
Original source: Curing Handoff-itis