451 Research: Boundary wants to be your MOM – Boundary

Most of what I write professionally is behind a paywall now, so it’s fun when something gets unleashed. One of our clients, Boundary, re-printed a piece on them I wrote recently, which provides an update and overview of their business, and speaks to their new VPC-driven private cloud offering.

Here’s an excerpt of the customers section, which is good for a quick, numbers-driven take on Boundary’s momentum:

Boundary reports 100 paying customers and about 1,000 non-paying customers in its ‘freemium’ model. Its primary customer base thus far has been cloud-native customers such as SaaS companies – Okta and Urban Airship, for example. The company says these types of customers account for 50% of its customer base. Boundary does have ‘traditional’ customers like Johnson & Johnson, which accounts for about 80% of revenue. The company says its average deal size is now $60,000, up from $25,000 in July 2013 (both figures annually, per customer), with several customers spending more than $100,000 per year. In each case, these customers have been looking to support applications they’ve written that are deployed to the public cloud. Boundary says that many customers are from the IBM Netcool customer base and are looking for better event management. The private cloud version of Boundary should help address that pull further, allowing monitoring of applications on both sides of the firewall, not just in the public cloud.

451 Research: Boundary wants to be your MOM – Boundary

IDC: public cloud will be 17% of all “IT product” spend in 2017


The private cloud play will fall off in popularity as public cloud providers add virtual private cloud (VPC) services to address issues (like security concerns) that today either are driving organizations toward private cloud or keeping them out of the cloud altogether. IDC says VPCs combine the big benefits of public cloud infrastructures, including economics, scale, and pace of innovation, with the privacy and control features associated with private clouds.

IDC: public cloud will be 17% of all “IT product” spend in 2017