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‘It operates on key-value-pair data while the familiar Unix tools operate on integer-indexed fields: if the natural data structure for the latter is the array, then Miller’s natural data structure is the insertion-ordered hash map. This encompasses a variety of data formats, including but not limited to the familiar CSV. (Miller can handle positionally-indexed data as a special case.)’

About Miller

Maybe Apple can figure out micro-payments

The book weighs in at 161 pages and 227 MB, so make sure you are on WiFi before you try to download it. It is currently available for US$3 (listed as “50 percent off for a limited time”). Don’t let the low price fool you; this is a quality reference book which could be favorably compared to the excellent Take Control and MacSparky Field Guides. Since it was made with iBooks Author, it is currently only available on the iPad. Then again, Editorial is also iPad-only, so that limitation won’t really restrict its potential audience. The ability to read iBooks Author books on our iPhones is not here yet, but hopefully will be soon.

There’s something wonderfully similar to that micro-payments idea going on here. If anyone can figure out how to start making money again in a moribund, disrupted, volume-based industry like publishing, Apple is it. It’s be a huge boon for people like myself who like to produce content.

(As far as the primarily topic in that piece on Editorial: if I used my iPad a lot, I’d be checking it out; I just se my iPhone and laptop.)

Maybe Apple can figure out micro-payments