Tumblr not working out for Yahoo!

Originally purchased for $1bn in 2013, after failing to meet the $100m 2015 revenue goal, written down:

A bit of simple arithmetic puts Tumblr’s value after these writedowns at about $290 million. This is not only less than a third of its purchase price, but it’s also less than the value of Tumblr’s assets when it was acquired two years ago.

Source: Marissa Mayer promised “not to screw up” Tumblr, but she totally has

Moved to Squarespace

I’ve moved my main sites to Squarespace recently. In the process, I’m sure lots of URLs are all screwed up. Try the search if you’re lost. Fun!

If you find something wrong, please feel free to email or Tweet me.

In the process, I switched over to cote.io from CoteIndustries.com. You know, shorter, and cooler.

So, sorry for all the mess. I’m sure after a few weeks it’ll sort itself out.

My old tumblr site will keep it’s old content (but the URLs will be from cote.tumblr.com, not CoteIndustries.com) and have cross-posted links from here.

After I use it awhile, I’ll write-up or talk about the experience, I’m sure.