Chris’s desks from childhood onward

Dell hosted think tank #theappgap

“Well still need to know AS/400s”

“…also we’ve got a lot of FTP we still use”

Enterprise Brain Drain

Heavybit – Startup incubator

Plumber truck in Houston

-”like us on fb” “follow us on twitter” “follow us on instagram” lol

-find plumber on instagram

Each show a new incense – “Spiritual High” today

And now a segment on the good ole’ days

Back when dodgeball existed ADD LOGO

Hot or not for poo

Wendy Lea at Get Satisfaction

Chris busts out his legal marijuana products

How do drug tests work with legal weed?

“As I’ve learned the hard way, you cannot laugh at Linkedin because it’s people’s agency amidst confusing labor conditions” @tressiemc

Pressfolios –

“If you’re not publishing how awesome you are regularly, when you try to get a new job nobody’s going to give a crap”



What is digital exhaust to regular white collar worker?

CNN interviewing Chris


Bruce Sterling’s bathroom back in the old days of SXSW

Theorizing the Web – nothing but academics. 7 minute PhD slams.



Security is like flavor. If poor, then shit.

Techcrunch article about shadow API Chris is in

Roderick on the Line podcast

DRM doesn’t work with twitter

“Light trying to put sunlight in a jar” – Chris

Burner app for burner phone numbers


Chris got thrown out of Justin Timberlake concert because of google glass

-”well you might record people”

-”well… take the glass off”

Genius bars at retail pot shops

Rob Horning tweet POST IN HERE

~~~Oblique Strategies~~~

1. “Give way to your worst impulse”

Maybe Cote should just fuck off for three days and read this thick book

2. “Cluster analysis”

~~~Digital Tarot~~~



Plethora of badges he hasn’t turned off – “allowing this relationship with a future that doesn’t exist”

Omni-focus surrounded by kindle, spotify, camera, downcast. “need to be enteretained while focused”

Folder longer than single name –

Don’t see you jumping in to evernote as much as implied by having on home screen

Dictionary is sweet and quaint

“Every home screen is a con. It’s who we want to be, it’s who we believe we can be, and it’s our relationship to owning a dominion over technology we will never understand or manage.” -Chris

Pew Research wants Chris to send something

Humana Challenge w/ clinton found

Lance Bass wants to reschedule Chris’s appearance on the Lance Bass show

The Whole Internet by Ed Krol

Citizen Scientist

First call on CCOS!

Online lab testing


Labs online:



Walgreens in Denver has:

Paternity tests for DNA

Colon health test

Rapid HIV

Whole wall of wearables

and a genius bar

“You don’t need xanax, you need a friend”

Belkin – too hard to use?

Cote: Occam’s Razor – Google is just crazy for buying Nest. Defies spreadsheet logic.

Chris: “The Internet is so not even relevant.” Think Inner-Net.

“Software is not enough anymore”

Google bought Boston Dynamics and other robotics companies

Pretail – kickstarter is everything that will be acquired in 3 years

Intel at CES – Lifewatch

Cote used to live in a vegan clothing-optional co-op SORTA NSFW:

Snapchat turned down $3 billion offer from facebook

Nathan Jurgenson

Alex Williams

Get one chance to pay attention on snapchat

Commands attention

Only app chris knows with velocity as an option

Delightful Cyber Dystopia

Existence as a Platform

Brighttalk is as advanced as the webinar world can get


Verge TV

“There’s no tool to communicate with real people. You have to be a real person… unless you’re a tool.” – Chris

“We’re so far in the future we’re still looking back at the future” – Cote

Google fiber, google towns, google hot air balloon (oh my!)

Sergey’s wife started 23andme

Adbusters – naomi klein – Anonymous – 4chan – ‘Everytime i go there I feel like the FBI is going to bust down my door” -Cote

Hatching Twitter book

-Review: read it

-Jack metamorphosed into Steve – used media to take back control of board


-Movie license

-More drama book than business history

-Chris visited twitter a few times and did the snoop dog tour

Get More:

MTV Shows

-Meetings with mark zuckerberg are fascinating

-”First time Demi Moore mentioned in print in any legitimate way”

Present Shock – Douglas Rushkoff

-the most profound thing you’ll read

-Klintron consumerization – the corporatization of people!!

David Yoakum – that’s me!!

-23 and me founder Linda Avey founded Curious, Inc

Mobile Palmistry (screenshot)

Alex Williams

-made sure took at 4G coverage

-battery low (I would never do it at that low battery 0chris)

-home screen layout – did he leave room for abundance? – left single spot open at bottom

-tripit below camera – alaska air on their? – chris says vanity play – mobile hotspot next to gmail, underneath messaging – confusing outlook on how he communicated – not using default mail client, uses gmail app –

Aneel Lakhani

85% energy – “obsessed with it”

Not one single spot open on home screen (!!)

Camera – weather – photo – all together on same line – “fetish for documentation of life”

Default calendar instead of alternatives – oh my!

Contacts on home screen = vanity call

Chrome and safari side by side = “pseudo-techno vanity play” (!!)


Turned off feedly and instapaper badges

Gmail badge only up (and only 2 – OCD w/ email?)

Travel apps lined up

Caltrain – kindle – evernote – feedly – move them around, tomorrow will be a little more peaceful. Cote: swap evernote and twitter.

Classic pinstripe background – “yearning to be the man”

Cote’s wife Kim

Child background

Folders on homescreen and by type – nesting thing, “apple crap” = my husband’s in tech and i’m going to be flashy

Has a flashlight app even though it’s built in (??)

Music – safari – phone – unread email – #missed phone calls “is remarkable”

TV system = apple remote, pioneer AV thing for volume – “fuck yeah retro tumblr”

Send in the mobile phone screen!

Hosts :

Chris Dancy
Michael Coté

(permanent) Guest : Rocco

Show Notes :

is business social just selling advertising? Just a pipe to a wallet?
“but i am popular so i don’t worry about it”
sumall =fitbit for nonorganic stuff
unsatisfying – oh boy I got a new twitter follower, now what?
page views does not equal read, does not equal understood
engagement? “last people that did wanted polygamy”
richard white “Twitter is the small claims court of customer support.”
when you put something online, when you see it a year from now, make sure you can stand behind it
“flickr is a ghetto nerd”
when chris sees a plain picture he now wants to see the meta data
bruce sterling
bat car for twitter
chris’s 6k+ retweets

Hatching Twitter
The Everything Store : Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
Amazon book a lot more businessy seem like drastically different businesses
Amazon Locker
Locker navigates with your phone
“you reach down and pull out your package”
then you get a survey and you ask if the robot treated you well
Amazon Instant
Uber driver moonlighting on Lyft (!!!)
Internet of Boring Old Stuff > Internet of Things
POOP 2.0
trashall. coming in 2015.
“deeper analytics if you’re inside the can”
“All the magic happens in the trash”
“anything vice focused is where the future is” – Grindr to the enterprise
Nest sends you monthly report showing your energy usage compared to neighbors. Keeping up with the Jonses.
Bundling up with Nest – “today we go without heat!”
1st world slipper problems – or just more robust socks?
iphone/android palmistry!
send iphone/android home screen (to where?)
2 types:
those who leave a space on first screen and those that don’t. says a lot about how you look at life.
oblique strategry cards
idio method cards