Coté Show #23: “I don’t have a horse or gun.” Or: We were born in Austin. Or: “you may all go to hell. I am going to Texas.”

Another episode of Charles’ and I’s “throw-back” to our Drunk and Retired Podcast days. This one, on the topic of people’s perceptions of Texas abroad.

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Link: H-E-B creates online store with nationwide delivery service

HEB is the mega grocery chain, operating in much of Texas. It’s a sort of “mini-globalism” for them to sell globally. A lot of the local, in store brands they have are the kinds of things people visiting home would stock up on when they went back north or abroad, so there’s probably a good market for shipping. Also, I’ve always heard that they’re so big that they can control distribution and pricing of things regionally, like soda, so maybe they can get prices low enough. Also: they’re private, so no annoying shareholders to please, I guess.

Source: H-E-B creates online store with nationwide delivery service

At Amazon Hub, Abbott Touts Legislative Agenda | The Texas Tribune

Roth gave Abbott, accompanied by state Sen. Donna Campbell and U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, a lengthy tour of Amazon’s new fulfillment center in this San Antonio suburb, an immense facility measuring 1.25 million square feet, or the size of 59 football fields. The distribution hub houses tens of thousands of products that are shipped out to the San Antonio area and beyond.

Amazon, which has invested more than $400 million in Texas since 2012, employs nearly 500 people at the facility and more than 3,000 across Texas. The other two fulfillment centers are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

At Amazon Hub, Abbott Touts Legislative Agenda | The Texas Tribune

Cool weather

While I’m not in Austin at the moment – but in DFW – it’s remarkable that the weather has suddenly cooled down. Talking about the weather is always boring, but when Summer is an endless chain of 100 degree days, it’s on the top of everyone’s mind.

People often make fun of us Texans for not being able to handle snow and ice. Indeed, down in Austin if someone spills a glass of water on a bridge in Feburary, the while city shuts down for our floating holiday: ice-day.

But, we can cope with the heat. This year has been one of the hottest, I hear. But, it’s not like any Summer I’ve lived through in Austin has been “mild.” They’re always miserable.

Going outside now, though, you can feel Fall coming on. The kind of weather where you have to sleep with a thin blanket and you make fun of people wearing shorts. Maybe even a hoodie once the sun goes down.