“Keynote presentations” vs. “board presentations”

What’s instructive here – even if you’re not a startup – is the stark contrast between the two different styles of presentations in the one “deck” here.


  1. “Keynote”/rhetoric presentation first, it’s trying to sell you something and entertain you (look how they add more weights to that bare-bell, how clever!), and,
  2. a “board presentation” that is looking to inform and create the context for coming to a decision. These are the ones people make fun of, e.g., “do you have you deck?” and so forth.

If you come from “the Internet,” you often know the 1st format (because of the anti-PowerPoint, Zen presentations movement in the mid-2000s – represented well by the 2006 Identity 2.0 presentation) but have to learn the second. I know I did when I worked for two years in corporate at Dell.

One day I should finish reading Speaking in PowerPoint, but it sure looks like a good summary of how to do “board presentations.”

“Keynote presentations” vs. “board presentations”