VMware Tanzu

From some recent Tanzu content:

Swisscom building out their containers as a service business, case:

But this would have
proved impossible to be built by only a small team. The beauty of VMware Enterprise PKS was that it integrated with our existing VMware ecosystem, making it possible to develop and operate our K8s Service with only a few resources.

Creating new apps, and thus opportunities fast in Korea, case:

KB Insurance began developing the service the moment the API was released; the initial version was created by one developer who spent just six hours coding.

Presentation: Rapidly Deliver the Software That Matters

Check out this recording of a recent talk of mine. Here’s the abstract:

Many Government organizations are getting better at software development, deployment and management by using techniques like DevOps, agile development, and product management. Cloud native technologies are making organizations’ software supply chains more efficient and reliable. Our substantial experience with open-source technology and continuous deployment approaches, offers a powerful accelerator for contact tracing and integrated citizen response solutions. Improvement is fragile, and scaling up in large organizations is difficult. This talk will discuss bottlenecks, challenges, and how Government agencies and organizations are succeeding.

There’s even a transcript!

🗂 Link: Introducing VMware Tanzu Mission Control to Bring Order to Cluster Chaos

With VMware Tanzu Mission Control, we are providing customers with a powerful, API driven platform that allows operators to apply policy to individual clusters or groups of clusters, establishing guardrails and freeing developers to work within those boundaries.

Source: Introducing VMware Tanzu Mission Control to Bring Order to Cluster Chaos