Going beyond a simple ordering system at Applebees

“It could show me things I can eat based on my activities for the day,” he notes. There could also be sensors built into the tablet that regulate things such as ambient lighting and noise, he notes. “There are a lot of things a tablet can pick up beyond showing you a menu,” he says.

Of course, more sophisticated applications based on user preference require customers to log-in and have their behavior tracked, which not all may greet with enthusiasm. Hewitt believes that when the pain point is large enough – such as a long wait in a high-traffic restaurant – people will generally prefer to use the tablet.

“The app needs to be tailored to different segments,” he says. Tech zealots and those who visit an outlet frequently – perhaps 10 percent of customers – can be offered such personalization, but it shouldn’t be required. “For the others, if you can walk up, look at an item and say ‘I want that’ and touch it and have it brought to your table, that’s amazing.”

Going beyond a simple ordering system at Applebees

It’s encouraging to see Dell doing Android tablets!

It was always a mystery to me why Dell ditches the Streak and stopped keeping up with Android tablets. I’m not really behind the idea that you can only bet on Windows: it’s clear you need Android too, and I hope try keep it up instead of dropping it so quick this time. Dell needs to give it time and market the crap out f developers to build in the Android ecosystem and sing the praises of their hardware.

It’s encouraging to see Dell doing Android tablets!