SXSW 2012

I didn’t actually go to SXSW this year, but I co-hosted a few happy hours with one of my Dell colleges, Barton George. I’ve been “moonlighting” to work with the Web|Tech group here at Dell (which Barton is part of), which is focused on developers, ISVs, and web companies. From two folks in a garage to the Facebook’s & Zynga’s of the world. Overall, it was great, as always, to catch-up with the crowd that comes to Austin.

Barton captured several, quick video interviews, doing some actual content creation while I just had drinks with friends ;>

The first night:

The second night:

The third night:

It was great catching up and talking with folks about what I’ve been up to at Dell from my day job in corporate strategy for software to side-projects like Web|Tech and the internal incubation program I help run.

We’ll see you next year!