SwiftStack 2.0, used by HP Helion, going after enterprise storage

For one, it looks like HP Helion OEM’s SwiftStack, which is a nice partnership. Two, their CEO points towards going after enterprise storage:

SwiftStack founder and CEO Joe Arnold said all enterprise applications will eventually rely on object storage to keep up with growth of data and access points required by users. ”It’s the only way enterprises will be able to compete today and in the future,” he said.

I don’t cover storage too closely, but the cloud storage space seems like it’s going to be a rough street fight between the forces of customers not knowing if and how they should use it, Red Hat, the incumbent storage folks (EMC, NetApp, Dell, Oracle, etc.), and all the little startups like SwiftStack. Get some popcorn.

SwiftStack 2.0, used by HP Helion, going after enterprise storage

As usual, I was on last week’s The New Stack analyst podcast, Donnie was out, so it’s just me filling the analyst vacuum along with Alex and guest Sravish Sridhar.

Check out myself all dancing and hand-waving on topics I didn’t have time to research ahead of time ;)

We discussed Apple’s new CloudKit and the changing nature of closed vs. open source in the evolving stack.

Also, see the show-notes over at The New Stack.